Oliver Morgenroth, who in the last couple of years had made a name for himself in the Deep Progressive House scene with his original style, surprises since 2012 with a completely new sound. Away with the melodious and back to striking sounds and rough grooves – back to his roots! His up to date productions are a combination of Techno, Indie Dance and Minimal elements, through which his love for the sounds of the 80s (New Wave) and the 90s (Earlier Techno) are prominent.

With the establishment of his label HUNTER & FORCE Recordings, in 2013 he provides a platform for original club tracks with certain unique elements. Something special, not just for the dance floor.

Over the years he has worked with several Artists from the electronic Dance Music scene: Mariano Santos, 21street, Jerome Isma-Ae, Dyno, Tip D'Oris, Weekend Heroes, Moshic, Fady Ferraye, Paul Martinez, Caspian, 3phazegenerator, K.A.N, Bernie Allen, David Granha, Lemon 8, Raf Fender, Bobby Deep, DJ Taucher, Kintar, Marcelo Vasami, Tom Novy, Retroid Royal Sapien, Noyd, Shane, Shamanah, Silence 'O' Phobia
Releases on LABELS:
Hunter & Force Recordings, Inkfish Recordings, JEE Digital, Contrast Records, Future Synth Records, Weekend Music, Fluro Music, Liquid Inc., Freitag Limited, Plusquam Records, Mestiza Records, Liquid Grooves, Bonzai Progressive, Green Martian, Iboga Records, Jetlag Digital, Parasound, Sony BMG, Kosmo, Cosmophilia, Frankfurt Beats, Zyx